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26 Downtown Bars Pass Underage Alcohol Compliance Operation


The StickThe Regional Street Enforcement Team (SET) announced today that 26 downtown bars were in compliance with underage alcohol rules in an operation conducted last night.

Three bars allowed underage entry and were cited.

“SET utilized one 18-year-old, two 19-year-olds and one 20-year-old volunteer, who attempted to purchase alcohol at 29 different locations,” said the Reno Police Department in a news release. “The minor(s) were illegally allowed entry into three bars / saloons. Detectives stopped the volunteers after entry was made and prior to purchasing alcohol. In each instance, the volunteers provided their actual state issued identification if they were asked for it, clearly identifying them as underage patrons.”

Bars that passed with flying colors:

  1. Shelter Bowl Bar and Grill – 111 North Virginia Street
  2. Pizza Reno – 26 West 2nd Street
  3. Our Bar – 211 West 1st Street
  4. Ole Bridge Pub – 105 North Sierra Street
  5. Mellow Fellow – 300 East 2nd Street
  6. Front Slot Bar (Cal Neva) – 38 East 2nd Street
  7. Cabaret Bar (Cal Neva) – 38 East 2nd Street
  8. 5 Star Saloon – 132 West Street
  9. 1 up Bar – 214 West Commercial Row
  10. 3rd Street Bar (Sands) – 345 North Arlington Avenue
  11. Pipeline Lounge (Sands) – 345 North Arlington Avenue
  12. Doc Holliday’s – 120 East 2nd Street
  13. The Waterfall Bar – 134 West 2nd Street
  14. The Stick – 95 North Sierra Street
  15. The Jungle – 246 West 1st Street
  16. Singer Social Club – 219 West 2nd Street
  17. Siri’s Casino – 241 North Virginia Street
  18. The Stage at the Zone (Harrah’s) – 219 North Center Street
  19. Hussong’s Cantina (Silver Legacy) – 407 North Virginia Street
  20. Rum Bullions (Silver Legacy) – 407 North Virginia Street
  21. Imperial Lounge – 150 North Arlington Avenue
  22. Silver Baron (Silver Legacy) – 407 North Virginia Street
  23. Dos Geckos Cantina (Circus Circus) – 500 North Sierra Street
  24. Brew Brothers (Eldorado) – 345 North Arlington Avenue
  25. Novi (Eldorado) – 345 North Arlington Avenue
  26. 3rd Street Bar – 125 West 3rd Street

Bars that received citations:

  1. Sapphire Lounge (Harrah’s) 210 North Center Street
  2. Davidson’s Distillery – 275 East 4th Street
  3. Aura Bar (Eldorado) – 345 North Virginia Street

The penalty for serving alcohol to minors and allowing a minor into a bar are misdemeanors. The fine is $500.

“(SET) will meet with the failing business and discuss strategies to improve compliance through practices and equipment. SET’s goal is to form a partnership with local businesses to increase compliance and prevent alcohol service to those under 21,” said police.

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