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Reno Arts Fix (Feb. 15): ‘Hey Brother’ and The Midtown Mural Walk (video)


Reno Art Fix February 15

Last week I had the pleasure of spending time with The Merry War Theater Group. Hanging out watching rehearsals and performances of Hey Brother and the Star Wars Parody was truly an honor and a privilege. The energy these actors bring to the stage is something to experience.
Also, this was the week for The Midtown Mural Walk North Edition. It is eye opening to see the art up close that we mindlessly drive by every day.

Hey Brother Produced by Merry War Theatre Group, Performing at The Potentialist Theatre

hey brotherI went into the theater not knowing much about the production of “Hey Brother” but I was ready for whatever would come. Having seen productions by The Merry War Theater Group I was sure I would be in for a treat and indeed I was right.

Hey Brother is a story about two brothers facing their personal challenges and demons. The brothers are played by Cameron Shirley as Ben and Lachian McKinney as Isaac. Cameron and Lachian are magic in creating that feeling of the brotherly bond as the characters face their challenges with each other.

One of the complications in this story is a woman played by Jasmine Jiang as Kris. Kris is a delight as she, for a brief moment comes between the brothers, but also helps to bond them in a deeper way. Kris also has her challenges that come to light in a delightful side story. Bringing this all together is Chase McKenna with her solid directing and boundless energy.

This is a production that will tug at your heart strings (it does seem that we have had a lot of these lately). A wonderful story and solid production I would recommend this for a date night treat.

Here are a few photos just to give you a taste.

Written by Bekah Brunstetter
Directed by Chase McKenna
Produced by Merry War Theatre Group
Performing at The Potentialist Theatre
Starring Jasmine Jiang, Lachlan McKinney, and Cameron Shirey
The play runs: Feb. 12, 13, 18, 19, 20, 25, 26, and 27 at 7:30pm and Feb. 21st at 2:00pm
The Potentialist Workshop Theatre 836 E. 2nd St. Reno, NV
For More information: www.merrywar.com

MidTown Mural Walk – North Edition

Last month I took the south mural tour and was very impressed. I have to tell you the north tour was also impressive and the people who took the tour with me had a good time. The North tour had a bit less art to show and seemed to be spread out a bit, but what we saw was interesting and full of artistic impression. Eric Brooks (our guide on this adventure) has so much knowledge and insight to the murals and has a very comfortable way of presenting the information.

Guided Tours are available on the second Saturday of each month at 11 a.m. Cost is $10 per person. For more information, check out their website: artspotreno.com/midtown-mural-tour

Here is a short video to give you just a small taste of what to expect.

Star Wars Parody
I ran out of time to include my thoughts and a short video in this article. But I am thinking of making a special offering later in the week.

What’s Coming up

At Sierra Arts Joe C. Rock is presenting his show of street inspired art “The Streetz Iz Watching”
This show is open to the public during the regular hour and having seen this I do recommend you take a look.

I will be featuring more on this show in next week’s article.

With an artist reception on Feb 18th at 5 p.m. for members and 6 p.m. for the public. For more information check out Sierra Arts website: sierra-arts.org.

Artist Submissions Open for the Circus Circus Reno 24-Hour Mural Marathon

The Circus Circus Reno 24-Hour Mural Marathon competition will begin at 10 a.m. on July 15th and go through the night, ending at 10 a.m. July 16th.

The competitors will have only 24 hours to paint an original mural in panel 19’7” feet wide by 14 feet high. The artists will compete for prize money, $2,000 to the first place winner, $1,000 to the second place winner and $500 to the third place winner. Each artist will also receive a $750 stipend to pay for paint and materials in order to complete the murals. The winners will be selected by a separate panel of judges to be determined. This is a permanent art installation on the side of the Circus building. The murals (seven in total from seven different artists) will face Virginia Street in the heart of the Arch District in Downtown Reno, a busy intersection for motorists and travelers.

HOW TO ENTER: The artist’s submission is open to any and all artists from around the globe. Each individual may submit no more than two (2) concepts. Each concept submitted need not be fully completed work, but should illustrate clearly to the selection committee what your finished piece would look like. Each entrant is required to provide name, address, contact information and a biography or Artist statement. You need to provide three (3) samples of your past work along with the two (2) concepts and a signed work for hire agreement. The entry should be submitted electronically using Wetransfer.com to [email protected]. Alternatively, it may be mailed to the attention of Debbi Engebritson, Circus Circus – Reno Advertising Department, 500 N. Sierra Street, Reno, Nevada 89503. You are responsible for delivery of the entry package within the entry period.

Dana Nollsch
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