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PHOTOS: Reno Auto Show Shines at Convention Center


By Skylar Owens

The Reno Auto Show has made its way back in town February 12th-the 14th at the Reno-Sparks Convention Center. (View photo gallery.)

Reno loves and knows their cars. This passion is particularly showed off during the numerous events and attractions.

During these gatherings, the residents pay homage to one of their most cherished of possessions, the automobile. Deep within the city’s physique lies its desire to honor our love of anything motorized.

The city expresses this infatuation, through attractions such as the Automotive Museum and events such as “Hot August Nights” and the recent “Reno Auto Show.”

While “Hot August Nights” highlights the classic and vintage flavors of the automotive spectrum, the “Reno Auto Show” mesmerizes the attendees with the latest and most advanced automotive technology available to the consumer. The Reno Auto show is where the 2016 models get shown off by Reno’s many dealerships such as Dolan Auto Group, Reno Tahoe Auto Group, Jones West Ford and Bill Pierce Motors.

Along with the multitude of vehicles on the showroom floor, there were several other vendors such as cars insurance “AAA.” This event gave visitors the chance to interact with local dealerships and cars.

One organization attending was ZERO Fatalities, an organization which is dedicated to the goal of eliminating deaths due to traffic accidents in the state of Nevada.

In an interview with the representatives at ZERO Fatalities, they went over their goals to reduce traffic fatalities in Nevada by focusing on the types of accidents which resulted in the largest number of fatalities, such as collisions in intersections and drivers drifting off the road.

Once these causes of fatalities are identified measures are taken to prevent fatalities. Some measures taken include cracking down on electronic use in intersections, and the implementation of more rumble strips on roads for the drowsy or distracted drivers on Nevada roads.

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