Reno-Based Podcasts Contribute to Growing Online Audio Trend

Fans of online audio shows have plenty of options for great podcasts. The obvious ones, such as Serial, Invisibilia and Radio Lab, have gained popularity in the past year or so.

Locally, there are also some great options to choose from — many with a regional focus and at least one, the long-standing Grammar Girl’s Quick and Dirty Tips, that ranks among the top podcasts in the world.

I thought it would be useful to compile a list of active, locally based podcasts that are currently being produced. Thanks to my Facebook friends, here’s a working list. If there’s any I missed, comment below to have them added.

A note: There are plenty of podcasts listed on iTunes that are Reno-based but haven’t produced new episodes in awhile; for this reason, they are not included in the list. Shows that are radio- or TV-based, but are also online, are included in a separate list below.

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If you’re new to podcasts, podcasts are digital, online audio shows similar to radio, but they are often produced by independent individuals, celebrities, radio personalities and business experts.

Perhaps one of the best known, Serial, drew national headlines last year with its in-depth investigation into the case of convicted murderer Adnan Syed. It’s a gripping tale and well worth the listen.

Here’s a list of Reno-based podcasts that are on iTunes, in no particular order:

nevada wildNevada Wild, produced by the Nevada Department of Wildlife. Nevada Wild is a weekly, hour-long, audio program designed to take an in-depth look at issues impacting wildlife. The program features news, information and comprehensive interviews with staff and guests about matters related to hunting, fishing, boating, wildlife watching, species management, outdoor safety and a host of other topics. The program is hosted by Edwin Lyngar and Teresa Malloy.


grammar-girlGrammar Girl, with an impressive 497 episodes, is one of the top-ranked podcasts on iTunes. Grammar Girl provides short, friendly tips to improve your writing. Whether English is your first language or your second language, these grammar, punctuation, style, and business tips will make you a better and more successful writer. Grammar Girl is a Quick and Dirty Tips podcast.


worst-little-podcastSince 2011, The Worst Little Podcast in the World is exactly that. It’s horrible — a bunch of guys bullshitting about their lives. It’s explicit. But WLP isn’t just for self indulgence, no! It highlights the Greater Reno Area and everything that makes this town rock. Everyone involved in the show is a lifer in Reno and pretty deeply involved with the local scenes. You can hear Rory, Nick, Josh and Rick talk about what they are up to, interviews with local personalities, live musical performances and maybe, just maybe, something that will make you laugh.


a-lo-dicho-pechoMisión: Conectar tanto a la comunidad local como a la comunidad Latina nacional e internacional a través del análisis de la actualidad concerniente a Latinoamérica y los Latinos en los EEUU. Analizar las noticias internacionales, nacionales y locales con el fin de informar a la comunidad y crear una conciencia sobre los temas culturales, económicos, políticos y sociales de las distintas comunidades de habla hispana. A Lo Dicho Pecho es un producto del Centro de Investigación Latino y la Alianza de Nevada de la Universidad de Nevada, Reno.


thisisrenoThisisReno Radio: “The Big Brains of Reno.” This is my baby, in which I feature Reno-based experts in their fields. With an occasional co-host, guests have included Washoe County Sheriff Chuck Allen, historian Dr. Alicia Barber, Code Enforcement Manager Alex Woodley, author and personality expert Vickie Musni, DRI’s climatologist Dr. Kelly Redmond and Drs. Sudeep Chandra and Zeb Hogan.


renoflyshopReno Fly Shop Podcast by Jim Litchfield, Reno Fly Shop owner and guide. Reno Fly Shop Podcast is your frequent source for special guests, up-to-date fly fishing report for northern Nevada and California and the RFS Events Calendar



open-room-mediaOpen Room Media tells the surprising anecdotes behind scrappy media startups such as news sites, magazines, and app companies–telling their backstory and exploring the challenges the founders faced on their way to success or failure. The show is made possible through support from the Donald W. Reynolds Foundation and the Reynolds School of Journalism at the University of Nevada, Reno.


range podcastRange: Stories of the New American West. Co-hosts Julia Ritchey and Amy Westervelt bring you stories of issues and entrepreneurs that embody the outlaw spirit of the West. It launches this month but a preview episode is already available. Season 1 features pimps, miners, ranchers, the cult of Tesla and much more.


Grace Church Renograce-church-reno: A Weekly Message from Weekend Service. Grace Church is a Christ-centered non-denominational church at 1220 Robb Drive in Reno.



van-soundsVan Sounds, a travel podcast by Fil Corbitt, features road stories, street noise and, of course, van sounds.




beta-sandwichThe Beta Sandwich Podcast is your source for news and trends in the Molecular Biosciences. Join the hosts as they wax poetic about all things sciencey (yes, that’s a word). They go in depth about diseases, viruses, medicine, pharmacology, biochemistry and pretty much anything else that moves, crawls, flies or has otherwise transformed this giant rock into a living ecosystem. If you are a crazy scientist, or you just like crazy science, you’ve come to the right place


super happy talk timeSuper Happy Talk Time brings the best in stand-up comedy…and then there’s stuff that isn’t so funny. The hosts interview local and not so local comedians in SUPER HAPPY Reno, Nevada.




tape talkTape Talk: “A podcast about VHS tapes and lif. Each week we review old VHS films that we’ve never seen before and discuss unique topics.”


Radio and TV shows that are also available on iTunes or Soundcloud:

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