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Burning Man-Inspired Kickstarter Campaign Launches to Bring Music-Activated, Light-Up Phone Cases to Market



RENO, Nev. (Jan. 13, 2016) — Inspired by the energy and music embodied in Burning Man, chemist-turned-inventor Matt Sikora is launching a Kickstarter campaign to put Candel, an interactive phone case, into the hands of music lovers.

Candel cases give owners a new medium of expression, while offering protection for Apple, Samsung, and other mobile phones. Sikora was inspired to create the product after his first experience on the playa at the annual Burning Man festival.

“I began attending more festivals, and developing a personal sense of individuality,” Sikora said. “There was this unique commonality for everyone who attended. We bonded over our love for the music experience. Burning Man awakened a new sense of energy and purpose — an urge to build, create and invent. I became more confident and ready to start this project.”

The cases are powered by a small, intelligent microprocessor designed to react to various levels of sound – from the soft cadence of a voice to the booming bass of a festival speaker. As amplitude climbs and falls, the cases respond accordingly, illuminating personalized and branded images with multicolored lights that brighten and recede with the beat.

Candel cases are made out of durable material. A rechargeable battery inside of the case offers 100 percent more battery life to phones, making Candel cases a must-have to light up crowds for hours.

Candel’s Kickstarter campaign launches Jan. 20, and runs through Feb. 24, with a goal of generating $25,000 in funding to finish off the first round of cases being manufactured. Funding will also be used to expand Candel’s product line and offer a range of designs to the public. Candel will provide backers with early access to Candel technology, branded swag and Lake Tahoe adventures.

Sikora has brought the prototype phone case to tradeshows, nightclubs and music festivals, with positive responses from attendees. He envisions building a community catered to those who already look to vivid forms of expression, such as festivals, DJ parties and college events. Future Candel initiatives include investing capital into other light-up products, and company branding partnerships.


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