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VIDEO: 5 Things You Can Do with The Reno Police Department’s New App


Screen shot of the myRPD app.

I searched “myRPD,” I downloaded and immediately was immersed in an easy-to-use, versatile application, or app, for the Reno Police Department (RPD).

The City of Reno recently launched the RDP app, which strives to give users easier access to their area’s police force, including filing reports, submitting feedback, exploring community resources and navigating to police stations and hospitals.

I was skeptical of how much could actually be done on a city government-related app. Why would I need this? I obey the law, follow the speed limit (unless, on occasion, I’m in a rush heading to work) and I have never even filed a police report.

Like me, many citizens may not have a use for the app, and it does take up precious space on a limited 16 GB storage phone. Here’s the catch-22: You won’t need it — until you do.

Imagine driving to run an errand on a snowy day, a not so uncommon scenario this winter. You see someone sliding on the terrain, so you keep your distance, but suddenly the car spins out of control and hits a parked car.

Thinking the driver will get out to handle the situation, you slow down, but keep heading towards your destination. However, in your rear view mirror, you notice the car  behind you. It didn’t stop. You’ve just witness a hit and run.

If you have the RPD app, you have a brilliantly simple way to take down the license plate, and file a report — when you’re not driving, of course.

Additionally, with the app, you can:

  1. Stay informed on wanted and missing persons in the area
  2. Anonymously submit Secret Witness tips
  3. Navigate registered sex offender information
  4. Explore real-time information shared by Reno-area citizens, such as suspicious activity or a missing pet posting
  5. Report graffiti, and so much more.

In our ever-evolving digital world, we may not engage with the government, and more specifically our police force, in a helpful way if it’s not easy to do so. This app gives the community a way to be a part of the solution on crime, and on gathering information pertinent to making this community better (and safer).

“We believe this will give a new name to community policing,” said Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve. “We anticipate that this app will help reduce crime and solve many challenges law enforcement face.”

For details on the app, visit Reno.gov/myRPD or download it on a smart phone or tablet (Apple or Android) by simply searching for “myRPD” in the app store.

Watch a video of the app below.

Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering is the Communications Specialist at Carson Tahoe Health. She previously worked as the Associate Editor of edible Reno-Tahoe magazine. After graduating from the Reynolds School of Journalism in 2014, she avidly pursued making writing and designing her career. On top area freelancing, she enjoys spending time doing yoga and hiking with her 75-lb lab/boxer mix, Biscotti.




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