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New Water Treatment Plant Proposed for Galena Area


tmwa water treatment plan locationTruckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) is continuing work toward a new water treatment plant to enhance groundwater resources in the Mt. Rose area.

The plan, which is in its initial phase, was brought about because the area relies on groundwater for 100 percent of its water supply. With the ongoing drought Northern Nevada is facing, this could be of major concern to the area’s citizens and home-owners.

As a result, engineers and planners with TMWA are seeking to provide supplemental water sources for the long-term sustainability of the local groundwater aquifer.

The plan is to construct a 8,800 square foot water treatment plant off of Whites and Thomas Creeks near Galena, just adjacent to Callahan Road. The plant is designed to fit into the neighborhood by being as unobtrusive as possible, TMWA representatives said.

TTMWA 1he groundwater sustainability plan dictates diverting water only when adequate creek flows are available so that sufficient flows will remain in order to maintain wildlife and habitat needs.

In a letter, Mickey Hazelwood, the Truckee River Project director of The Nature Conservancy, reviewed the proposal:

“TMWA and Stantec have gone above and beyond what is required by federal and state regulatory guidelines in assessing insert flow needs to support the existing instream and riparian habitat and the wildlife that depend on those habitats.”

A public open house regarding the proposed plant was held Monday. Concerned citizens gathered to discuss the details and the future of the plan.

Among those concerns, several area home-owners inquired about the appearance of the building and if it would disrupt the country-like views they enjoy from their home.
Others were concerned about the noise. Citizens questioned the overall effect the water processing plant would have on their neighborhood.
TMWA scientists, designers and planners present addressed these concerns and are taking them into consideration in the steps forward.

“Our goal with everything in this project is to pump less groundwater than we are today, even with new development,” said John Enloe, TMWA’s operational strategies manager.

Plant construction is anticipated to start in the spring of 2017.

For details on the plan and the steps for its approval, visit https://tmwa.com.

Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering
Erin Meyering is the Communications Specialist at Carson Tahoe Health. She previously worked as the Associate Editor of edible Reno-Tahoe magazine. After graduating from the Reynolds School of Journalism in 2014, she avidly pursued making writing and designing her career. On top area freelancing, she enjoys spending time doing yoga and hiking with her 75-lb lab/boxer mix, Biscotti.




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