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School District Posts Fact Sheet About Superintendent’s Contract

By Bob Conrad

traci-davisThe Washoe County School District posted yesterday a fact sheet about Superintendent Traci Davis’ new contract. The district said that the contract is saving the district more than $140,000 from prior superintendents.

The School Board also posted the following statement:

We know you have questions about Superintendent Davis’ contract, and it’s important that you know that the contract actually saved the District approximately $140,000. Unfortunately, media reports have presented inaccurate information.

The reporter and editor who were responsible for the article have reached out to apologize for the error, but we know the trust Superintendent Davis and the District have worked hard to earn has been damaged. Since we know you would prefer to verify facts rather than trusting what is printed or said in the media, a fact sheet is available here on the District’s website.

We appreciate your concern and the fact that you have questions about what you’ve heard and read. We hope this information will answer those questions so we can move forward with the important work we do together.

Download the fact sheet here: http://www.washoeschools.net/cms/lib08/NV01912265/Centricity/Domain/152/Superintendent%20Contract%20Fact%20Sheet.pdf