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City of Reno Begins Climate and Resilience Action Plan


hillary-schieve-214x300-6955856-3999662Reno Mayor Hillary Schieve, the Reno City Council and staff have committed to a worldwide initiative called Compact of Mayors. This global coalition entails city officials pledging to reduce local greenhouse gas emissions, enhance resilience and track progress transparently.

“The City of Reno’s commitment to the Compact of Mayors shows that we’re serious about our global environmental responsibility,” Schieve said. “This is an important first step for us as we set out to quantify where our city stands, and how we can improve, on this crucial initiative. We want to hold ourselves accountable along with the many other cities that are participating.”

“The City of Reno has been at the forefront of sustainability with aggressive efficiency programs and adoption of renewable energy,” said Councilmember David Bobzien. “We will continue to work closely with our local transportation and utility providers to improve efficiencies and reduce our overall resource impact.”

The city’s reporting will signal to many large companies and institutional investors that Reno takes climate risks seriously. Much of this responsibility will be taken care of by Lynne Barker, the city’s new Sustainability Manager.
“I am thrilled to be in Reno,” she said. “My passion for conservation was born here from the summers I spent in Carson City and Dayton on my grandparents’ ranch. I hope to foster a broad coalition of people and organizations that will work together to strengthen the vibrancy, health, and prosperity of our community by addressing environmental, economic, and social challenges and opportunities.”


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