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Weekly Art Fix (Nov. 24): Sinful Circus & Reno Sculpture Fest Benefit Party


Sinful CircusMy evening started finding my way to the Eldorado Casino; where I would have the pleasure of seeing two wonderful events. First up was Miss Curvy Nevada, USA and then Sinful Circus burlesque. As I made my way to the venue I was greeted by many very happy people, and there was so much positive and uplifting energy that I knew I was in for a wonderful evening. Miss Curvy Nevada 2015Empowerment knows no limitations as was quite evident as the contestants of the Miss Curvy Nevada USA came on stage. Beautiful and talented they are truly and ready to strut their stuff.

The pageant was much like any other pageant with swimsuit competition, talent competition, and evening gown competition.

These girls did not disappoint when they competed with enthusiasm. The audience was enchanted and the judges looked on intensely. In the end Crystal Bell was crowned Mrs. Curvy USA Nevada and Jessica Grimaldo was crowned Ms. Curvy USA Nevada.

Check out the slideshow for some wonderful photos.

Next up came Sinful Circus. What came to mind was “color me surprised,” as this is one of the most professional and talented burlesque troops I have seen coming out of Reno. Their energy and enthusiasm was contagious and their ability to bring in audience participation was so very fun to watch.

Talented performers, dancers and singers, will entertain you and lift your spirits. This is just simply fun. Look for the next show from Sinful Burlesque; you won’t be disappointed.
Take a look at the photos for an idea of what you may see.

Then I made my way across the street to Cargo where there was a fundraiser for the Reno Sculpture Fest. The Reno Sculpture Fest is the brainchild of Aric Shapiro. A few months ago the inaugural event held much excitement. This event included wonderful music, acrobats, and a very uplifting party atmosphere. This was definitely an event that all the participants have a passion for and it was obvious everybody was just plain having a good time.

I encourage you to support Sculpture Fest.

Here are some photos.

Gotham: Sculpture Fest Benefit

Coming Up

There are two theater openings of note this week. These will be the subject of next week’s Art Fix.

Buttcracker 6 at Bruka Theatre

This is selling out very quickly so get your tickets now.
Here is a link for more information: http://www.bruka.org/brukanews/2015/11/11/the-buttcracker-6-underland.html

The Odd Couple (Female Version) at Reno Little Theater
Here is a link for more information: http://renolittletheater.org/events/event/odd-couple-female-version/

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