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Two Feral-Estray Horses Dead After Accident on Old U.S. 395

By Bob Conrad

feral-estray horse collision

Image: Truckee Meadows Fire Protection District.

A motorist was injured, and two feral-estray horses were killed this morning after being struck in Pleasant Valley.

The Nevada Department of Department of Agriculture’s Flint Wright said the department is working with the Nevada Department of Transportation to improve fencing and to apply cattle guards along this area of U.S. 395 to help keep horses off the highway.

He is urging the public to be cautious in this area when driving, and along U.S. Highway 50 east of Carson City, where horses are commonly seen.

“The feral horses have been coming down there fairly recently, quite a bit,” Wright said. “They’re crossing the road there because they are looking for access to feed and water.”

The department turned over management of the horses to horse advocate groups earlier this year.

Wright said 18 horses have been gathered since the agreement took place, primarily for public safety reasons.

To report horses in the Virginia Range Area (395 to 95A and I-80 to highway 50) that pose a threat to public safety, call the horse hotline at 775-353-3608 or email [email protected].