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Local Author Giving Away 500 free copies of “Santa Dog” Book


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Local Author Garrett Sutton is giving away 500 free copies of “Santa Dog: the Incredible Adventures of Santa and Denby” just because he just want to share the magic of Christmas and reading with kids everywhere. Sutton is even covering shipping costs of the book. The only restrictions are that only one book will be shipped per address, and the addresses must be in the United State. Each book is a teacher’s edition, and comes with lesson plans teachers and parents alike can use to further improve a child’s reading and comprehension skills.

To get a free copy, just fill out the form on this page: http://www.denbybook.com/denby/get-free-childrens-christmas-book-santa-dog/

Classrooms can win $250 in Holiday Art Contest
Classrooms that compete in the Holiday Art Contest detailed in the book and here ( http://www.denbybook.com/annual-holiday-art-contest-for-classrooms/) can win $250 each and three winning classrooms will be chosen. Classrooms will be chosen to win $250 according to the three different competition categories titled “Santa Loves Geography,” “Denby Loves Apples” and “Open Category (whatever you want)”. Last years entries are visible at http://www.denbybook.com/art-contest-submissions-2/ . Santa, Denby and friends will select the winner of the geography and apple drawings. The open drawing will be selected by voters on denbybook.com.

About the Book
Santa Dog encourages children to read and is perfect for children ages 7 to 10, or reading aloud with your family. Denby, Santa Dog, stumbles, quite literally, onto one of Santa’s greatest secrets: how Santa and the reindeer can fly all around the world and stop in every house in just one night.

As children reach the age of reading, it’s a question that pops up in every family. This wonder-filled story, Santa Dog: The Incredible Adventures of Santa and Denby, has the answer, and the answer has a technology edge. This is a book for today’s tech-savvy children.

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