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Virginia Street Bridge’s Final Colors Proposed: View Options Here


The Virginia Street Bridge under construction October 1, 2015. Image: City of Reno webcam.

The Reno City Council will consider at Wednesday’s meeting the final colors of the Virginia Street bridge’s railing and arch.

According to the council agenda packet, “four color palettes were considered and the pewter color scheme and the silver color scheme were forwarded for comment by the public. After extensive public comment, the City Council selected the arch railing package and the pewter color scheme.”

Shades of grey are considered for the railing. Options include:

  1. Antique Steel – dark grey hammered, or
  2. Stormy Grey – dark grey gloss, or
  3. Shimmer River – light grey hammered, or
  4. Coastal Grey – light grey gloss.

“The pewter color scheme in the renderings displayed the arch and beam as a medium gray,” according to council staff. “The finish of the arch and beam can be a sandblasted finish with an anti-graffiti sealant or a smooth finish with a dark or light pewter integral color and an anti-graffiti sealant.”

Concrete finishes for the bridge arch and beam include:

  1. Native Concrete Grey – sandblasted finish with anti-graffiti sealant, or
  2. Light Pewter Grey -smooth finish with anti-graffiti sealant, or
  3. Dark Pewter Grey – smooth finish with anti-graffiti sealant.

The railing color palettes are below. The arch palettes will be presented at Wednesday’s council meeting. All samples are on display at City Hall.screen-shot-2015-10-02-at-10-29-20-am-700x518-9066366-5232343 screen-shot-2015-10-02-at-10-29-42-am-8960463-2726988 screen-shot-2015-10-02-at-10-30-05-am-6472977-1847136

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