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Law Enforcement Seeking Information About Vandalism at SE Connector Site


southeast-connector-project-october-08-09-2015-1-2-700x394-1864308-1497995The Regional Transportation Commission and law enforcement are seeking information about vandalism at the SouthEast Connector project site.

Someone cut a fence and has been opening gates. A feral/estray horse recently fell into a sludge bed. Witnesses said that a woman in a Toyota Prius has been seen at the site.

“It is possible the woman may believe she is helping wild horses in the area, but in fact she is putting them in jeopardy,” said RTC in a statement. “With the gate open, or fences damaged, horses have access to sludge beds where they can become stuck and die. Additionally, the vandalism has given the horses the ability to reach Greg Street and Sparks Boulevard where there is traffic.”

A mare became stuck in a sludge bed prior to the fences being installed. The animal was eventually able to free itself, it was cleaned and its vitals were checked by an animal rescue team. It was released unharmed.

The horses have also damaged erosion control and repeated repairs continue to be necessary, which could cost taxpayers an additional $200,000 on the project.

“We absolutely do not agree with cutting fences or leaving gates open or vandalism of any kind. We do not want anyone putting these animals in harm’s way,” Kelly Hyatt, a volunteer with the Hidden Valley Wild Horse Protection Fund and Virginia Range Sanctuary said.

An incident occurred Tuesday night when someone broke into storage sheds and stole about $200,000 worth of equipment that belong to Granite Construction.

Secret Witness is offering a $1,000 reward for the thefts. Anyone with information is urged to call 322-4900.

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