Envirohaven Corporation Announces Sustainability Award and Tour

Image: Envirohaven.
Image: Envirohaven.


Envirohaven™ announced their nomination for an EDAWN (Economic Development Authority of Western Nevada) Existing Industry Award in the category of Leader in Sustainability for their patented sustainable home design. More information regarding the sustainability award winner will be available on October 22, 2015.

In combination with this award, Envirohaven™ is one of the stops in a five day Sustainability Tour of Reno, Nevada’s finest sustainable businesses and organizations. The tour will be from October 26th-30th in Reno, NV hosted by Envirolution. This will be an opportunity to explore green careers, environmentally friendly practices, and learn about the local sustainability movement. To participate in the The Envirolution Sustainability Tour register online at envirolution.org or call 775-229-8488.

Envirohaven™ is working with builders seeking cost effective ways to be able to provide efficient, durable, low maintenance housing in remote and rural areas with minimal manpower. For more information contact Envirohaven™. Become part of the Haven™ home revolution.

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