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WIC Recipients Donate to Health District

By ThisIsReno

imageTwo individuals, Michael and Dyana, donated $700 cash to the Washoe County District Board of Health for services provided by the WIC program.

“WIC helped [Dyana] get where she is now, she’s in a really good place as well as her children,” said Michael. “I hope this donation encourages others, and helps them remember how they got help when they get to a good place.”

“The great part about hearing from past clients that WIC helped them is knowing that they’ll tell others about the program too. Making people aware of the WIC Program can help our community reduce infant mortality and improve our nutritional health,” said District Board of Health Chairwoman Kitty Jung.

She also emphasized the significant medical cost savings that result from early detection and prevention of health problems among participants.

“The USDA found that for every dollar spent on WIC, between $3.00 and $5.00 is saved in health care costs,” she said. “That’s a significant savings for families and taxpayers.”

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