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PHOTO GALLERY: TAHOE: A Visual History Review


This week we look at TAHOE: a Visual History at the Nevada Museum of Art. I had the pleasure of attending the premier celebration, and what a celebration it was!

The exhibit encompasses the works of 175 painters, photographers, architects, basket weavers, and  sculptors focusing on Tahoe’s history through the eyes of the artists.  This may be the most focused,  meaningful, and just down right amazing exhibit I have ever seen at the museum.

Divided into 6 sections more than 400 works chronicle 200 years of Tahoe history this exhibit is one the whole family should see.

The first gallery features Washoe Basketry: featuring the works native basket weavers, including many works by one of the most talented and prolific Washoe native weaver: Louisa Keyser (Datsolalee). This is the largest collection of native weaving any museum has ever shown.

The second gallery features Mapping and Sketches: Featuring the works of three historic artists, John C. Fremont, Charles Preuss, and Mark Twain.  This looks at the early exploration of this remarkably beautiful landscape.

The third gallery features Golden Age: Featuring sixty artists chronicling 19th century landscape paintings. With the varied styles of work to show you will find something for everyone to appreciate.

The fourth gallery features surmounting the Summit: Looking at the Donner Summit  and the impact the railroad had on the landscape and the sacrifices made by many to advance mankind’s desire to move forward. There are so many fascinating photographs that will be sure to capture your attention.

The fifth gallery features Harsh Realities: More views of the reality of the impact man has had conquering  the environment. This gallery may bring thoughts of what the Tahoe Donner area has changed under the constant pressure of man’s hand.

The sixth gallery features Tahoe Timber: Here we are taken further into the impact of man on the landscape.

This may sound like a lot to take in, and yes it is but there is even more. I suggest going to the video gallery on the second floor first where you will find a great presentation by KUNR going into an in-depth explanation of the works you will see as you stroll through the galleries. This is well worth the time and very well produced.

And if that is not enough: there is a book as well!

TAHOE: A Visual History will be the first comprehensive exhibition to survey artworks related to Lake Tahoe, Donner Pass, and the surrounding Sierra region. A 488-page book will be co-published by Skira Rizzoli  and the Nevada Museum of Art, and internationally distributed by Random House. It will be available for purchase at the Museum Store and select area bookstores, as well as internationally on Amazon.com. Pre-orders can be placed by calling the Museum Store at 775.398.7206.

Dana Nollsch
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