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Pedestrian Safety Enforcement Week Ongoing Near UNR


During the week of August 24th, Reno officers have been policing heavily used pedestrian traffic areas as part of Joining Forces, a statewide pedestrian safety effort.

“There are so many opportunities for vehicle versus pedestrian interaction on the streets surrounding our campus,” Adam Garcia, University of Nevada, Reno chief of police, said. “We’ve been fortunate so far that injuries and fatalities have not been a common occurrence.”

“With our new students arriving and walking to and from residence halls and other residences, we want to make sure motorists are aware of crosswalks and the laws regarding pedestrian right of way,” Garcia said. “At the same time, we ask pedestrians to practice safe behaviors such as using marked crosswalks and taking advantage of stutter flashes where available. Pedestrians should also avoid distractions, pay attention to traffic and obey traffic laws.”

For more information about Nevada Joining Forces, please contact Commander Todd Renwick 775-784-4013.

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