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TMWA Customers Continue to Reach Water Conservation Targets


reno-photo-by-bob-conrad-6-of-7-300x225-7669682-3747832Truckee Meadows Water Authority (TMWA) announced for the third month in a row that customers continue to reach water conservation targets.

In March, TMWA called for a voluntary, 10-percent reduction of water use by its customers.

June’s reduction reached 10.5 percent, and May’s reduction was 19 percent, both greater than TMWA’s request. In July, customers achieved a 16-percent reduction compared with July 2013, a baseline water year.

Spring and summer rain has helped lead to a reduction in residential irrigation, with summer lawn irrigation being one of the larger water uses in TMWA’s system throughout warm months of the year.

“The cooperation and responsiveness of our community during this time of drought has been tremendous,” said Mark Foree, TMWA’s general manager. “Because of the daily attention our customers are paying to their water use, we are well on our way to achieving our 2015 target goal of saving 5,000 acre-feet of water.

“Every gallon saved now is held in upstream reservoirs, should we need it next year,” he added.

TMWA is continuing to asked customers for the voluntary 10-percent reduction.

Customers may save water with these tips:

  • Sprinkler run times should be 4-6 minutes, backing off by two minutes if there is runoff, or adding two minutes if your lawn is still dry after a cycle
  • Start out with three run times per assigned watering day
  • Check sprinkler heads to ensure proper operation.
Bob Conrad
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