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Immunizations Encouraged Before School Starts

By ThisIsReno

Heidi ParkerThe Nevada State Division of Public and Behavioral Health and Immunize Nevada encourages parents to have their school-age children immunized now to avoid extended wait times that may occur closer to the start of the 2015-2016 school year.

Immunization requirements apply to any student enrolling in a Nevada school for the first time or if the student is new to a Nevada school district, including all Kindergarten students.

Requirements also apply to incoming seventh graders.

“There have been recent outbreaks of vaccine preventable diseases in California, including measles and whooping cough,” said Immunize Nevada Executive Director Heidi Parker. “Those outbreaks are a reminder of how important it is to make sure our students are fully immunized before heading back to school, as disease can easily spread in the classroom environment.”

If your child is due for a vaccine before the start of school, getting them done in July is much easier and less stressful than going to clinics during the back to school rush.

Nevada School Immunization Requirements can be found at http://health.nv.gov/Immunization_SchoolRequirements.htm

Locations offering Immunizations can be found at https://www.immunizenevada.org/why-immunize/where-get-immunized

And, the Nevada Web IZ Public Portal can be accessed via http://www.izrecord.nv.gov

For more information, please visit ImmunizeNevada.org.

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