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Washoe Golf Course Reducing Irrigation Water by 42 percent


Image: Washoe County.

Washoe County will be reducing irrigation water at the Washoe Golf Course by 42 percent when the Steamboat Ditch is shut off. It is anticipated that the Federal Water Master will shut off the ditch, which is the Washoe Golf Course’s primary source of water soon, due to low water flow in the Truckee River.

Irrigating the course without the ditch water is challenging due to many factors, including the limited water from the off-site well and the cost of purchasing additional water. Due to the drought, County staff believes reducing irrigation water to the course is not only financially prudent but the best way to conserve much needed water in our area.

“The Washoe Golf Course is an important part of our local history and the County has an obligation to preserve this resource into the future for the benefit of the community,” said Marsha Berkbigler, Chair, Washoe County Commission. “Certain areas will not receive water, but County staff will maintain them to ensure that weeds and dust are at a manageable level.”

County staff will target certain areas to ensure the course is still playable for the public to use and enjoy. Putting greens, tee boxes, and fairways will be irrigated.

Washoe County is asking how do you and your family plan to conserve water this summer? The public can head to Open Washoe, an online community forum, created for public input and leave a comment.

For more information about how Washoe County is conserving water, see the attached list of frequently asked questions.

SOURCE: Washoe County.

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