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OPINION: Planned Parenthood Praises Death of Abortion Notification Bill


Nevada Legislature protects women’s health in final hours of session

A forced parental notification bill that would have required young woman to notify parents prior to seeking an abortion, and wait 48 hours before obtaining the procedure, died in the final hours of the legislature last night.

The bill, AB405, passed in the assembly on a party line vote April 17, 2015. The Senate Health and Human Services Committee discussed the bill during a Memorial Day hearing but did not take a vote. Because of pressure from Nevada medical providers, youth, and progressive organizations, AB405 died last night without a vote in the Senate.

“Last night, protecting young women won out over party politics,” said Elisa Cafferata, CEO of Nevada Advocates for Planned Parenthood Affiliates. “This bill would have put our most vulnerable young women at risk, and we’re thankful that our Senate recognized did not move this dangerous bill forward. Because of this, teens in Nevada will continue to be able to access the health care they need without barriers or judgement.”

AB405 would have particularly harmed youth in abusive homes, foster and homeless youth, or youth who are victims of human trafficking. These youth, who don’t have parents they can easily communicate with, would’ve been forced to undergo a daunting and lengthy judicial process. Scared, pregnant teens need medical care, not a courtroom.

“This bill would have had real-life implications on many Nevada teens,” Cafferata said. “We heard stories from youth who grew up homeless or who were afraid of their abuser. It would have been unfair to force these young women into a courtroom to tell their personal stories.”

Cafferata also credited the hard work of supporters and activists all session long. Dozens of people testified against the bill last Monday, including an attorney, medical providers, youth, and parents. Planned Parenthood affiliates in both Northern and Southern Nevada mobilized hundreds of volunteers to take action against this bill.

“Recent studies show that at least 60% of Americans feel the trend of making it harder for women to get abortion care is going in the wrong direction. Nevadans have always supported a women’s right to choose. We applaud the state senators who stood with Nevada women this session.”

SOURCE: Planned Parenthood

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