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Finding Rover’s Facial Recognition App Helps Bring Lost Pets Home

By ThisIsReno

finding roverWashoe County Regional Animal Services, Nevada Humane Society and Finding Rover have collaborated to utilize facial recognition technology in identifying lost pets.

Finding Rover’s mobile app and website is now available to help Washoe County residents make sure their lost pets come home.

The free app matches a snapshot of the missing animal’s face with those that have been found recently or admitted to the Washoe County Regional Animal Shelter. Users of Finding Rover will have the ability to search the shelter from the comfort of their smartphone or computer.

The Nevada Humane Society (NHS) will be registering newly adopted pets on Finding Rover to provide further assistance, according to NHS CEO Kevin Ryan.

“Finding Rover is yet another arrow in our quiver, another tool to ensure we can reunite families when pets become lost or separated,” said Ryan. “We are always in search for the latest and greatest and Finding Rover is an example of that dedication to evolution.”

“Reuniting people with their lost pets is a very important aspect of what we do at Washoe County Regional Animal Services.  Partnering with Finding Rover on this innovative technology will enhance the safety net provided to the pets in our community,” according to Shyanne Schull, Washoe County Regional Animal Services Director.

“A dog is a beloved family member, and if he or she goes missing, it can be devastating to everyone involved. We want to do everything we can to safeguard our dogs from being lost forever. Registering a dog on Finding Rover is another step all owners should take to further protect their cherished pet,” said John Polimeno, CEO and founder of Finding Rover.

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