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Why You Need a Will (or Trust): Lessons Learned from Twisted Sister, Part 3


Lindsay Wheeler, JD High Sierra Legal
Lindsay Wheeler, JD
High Sierra Legal

By Lindsay Wheeler, JD

Most people realize they need an estate plan to manage their affairs if something happens to them. However, estate planning attorneys are expensive and many people don’t want to think about their own morality.

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In fact: no one gets out of life alive, so it is important to have something in place for your family and loved ones to follow.

Heed the advice of metal legend, Dee Snider of Twisted Sister regarding his frustration with his late drummer who died without an estate plan in place. Snider stated,

“This is the unfortunate reality of irresponsible adult behavior. Not only did A.J. Pero have a family history of heart disease, which he allowed to go unchecked, but he did not have a will, left behind two ex-wives, a longtime girlfriend, four children between the three of them, and a mess of an estate to be sorted out. Now, there is infighting, mistrust and dissension amongst the family members about how to handle life after AJ. What a mess. While the legalities of the situation are being sorted out, Twisted Sister is doing a show to raise some money to help the family out in the short-term. This unfortunate situation should be a life lesson to all to take responsibility for the world we create and will leave behind when we are gone.”

This is an all-true reality for many families in regards to the probate process if you do not leave a will or have a trust in place for your heirs to manage your estate. It’s important to get something down sooner than later. You can always change your mind later and amend your plan.

If money is an issue, start with what you can afford (a will, power of attorney, health care documents) and upgrade later when you can. If you already have one, it’s time to look to review and update your existing plan.

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