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Hot in Reno: The Opening of A Lifestyle Boutique


nevada-signs-300x300-5658770-5074174As your foot hits the red floors, a sense of happiness overcomes you … the low hums of Spanish Guitar in the background and the scent of fresh flowers have you pondering, where have you landed yourself? Before you can even answer your own question you are brought back to reality with a friendly “Hello”. Welcome to Larkellen (Lark-ellen), a lifestyle boutique gracing the Reno area with a different way of shopping.

Larkellen is special, the design baby of two retail savvy women, mother/daughter duo Debi and Mimi Canfield have been manifesting this vision for years now. They have brought their own uniqueness and zest into a beautiful mix that is the makeup of Larkellen. The passion they have for the retail industry shows once you walk into their boutique. A perfect blend of the two women.

Retail is in their blood, it is a family affair and when it came down to the final touches of the boutique the women decided upon the name by going back to their roots. Larkellen Ave. in the greater Los Angeles Area is where Debi grew up, working in her parents’ retail businesses and where they still reside today.

Larkellen isn’t just a boutique, it is family, passion, creativity, love and most of all it’s about providing the community with a different experience. Somewhere you can always count on finding something special as a gift, love present, a treat for themselves or just a good time.

“My mother taught me all of the tricks in her book, I have added a few of my own or ran off of hers…being able to bounce ideas off each other has really helped us in our concept,” says Mimi. “We really just want the passion we feel for our products to seen by our consumers. Everyone has a story, we love telling everyone the story of our vendors and who they are and what makes their product so unique.”

Featuring new to Reno products and locally made as well. The focus being small companies, locally sourced, handmade, made in the USA, recycled, organic, repurposed and fair trade has been noticed and appreciated by the community. Think different, be different and shop different, Larkellen is above all…a new lifestyle.

Stop in, feel at home… stay long enough to enjoy a laugh, witness the banter or enjoy a cocktail. Larkellen is located at 606 West Plumb Lane #1, Reno, Nevada 89509 and on Facebook at: www.facebook.com/larkellenreno.


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