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Cottonwood Trees Planted at Oxbow

By ThisIsReno

Fremont Cottonwood Tree

In an effort to keep native plant life in the Reno, the city has recently completed the huge task of planting 100 new Fremont cottonwood trees at the Oxbow Nature Study Area. A 2008 fire, which destroyed more than 50 mature trees throughout the park, prompted the revitalization of the area. The new trees stand only three or four feet tall right now, but will grow to nearly sixty feet tall by the time they reach maturity. The Truckee River Fund provided a $26,000 grant to make this project possible.

This is not the first time the city has done a planting project like this. In 2010, the Nevada Department of Wildlife worked with city staff on a bank stabilization project throughout the park. The trees and other plants at the Oxbow Nature Study Area provide a home for a variety of native wildlife.