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Virginia City to Get New Arena and Fairgrounds


Virginia City is getting a new event venue designed to accommodate nearly 5,000. The town is perched on the side of a hill with limited options for expansion, especially when considering the impact of the terrain on visitors. However, for two major events that will change with the addition of the new Virginia City Arena and Fairgrounds.

“Over the last three years with the incredible growth of several of our special events, especially those that have received regional and national attention, it has become obvious we needed to start thinking of long-term solutions if we wanted to continue to meet the demands,” said Deny Dotson, tourism director for the Virginia City Tourism Commission. “With limited expansion options available, Storey County Tourism officials identified several privately owned parcels and are working on a long term agreement to develop a new facility to accommodate a handful of our current events, but also pave the way for our future. Events are something that this town relies on heavily for visitation and this is going to make a difference.”

The Virginia City Arena and Fairgrounds is located three blocks southeast of the main C Street on F Street on a flat 15-acre parcel. The venue has the capability to accommodate the upcoming Virginia City Grand Prix, April 25 – 26, and the International Camel Races, Sept. 11 – 13, as well as concerts, rodeos and more. The estimated cost over the next three years to bring the venue up to speed is more than $250,000 and includes rental costs, ground work and purchase of an arena and seating.

According to Dotson, “Our new venue means more accessibility, ease of access for attendees, better and more parking options, shuttle transportation to Virginia City’s main street, more racing value with a circular arena versus the horseshoe previously used, and improved handicapped and stroller access. We’ve just upped the ante.”

The development and location selected was also prompted by the recent improvements made by V&T Railroad of the V&T Passenger Depot.

“It’s evident the investment the V&T Railroad has made and it only enhances what we’re looking to accomplish. It also means increased attention for two of our other main attractions, the Comstock Gold Mill and the Chollar Mine located in the same area.”

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