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Nutritional Food Company Opens Facility in Reno


Nutrient Foods, a scientific nutritional foods research and manufacturing company, announced today the opening of its 100,000-square-foot manufacturing facility in Reno that will replace its New Jersey operations.

The facility will manufacture nutrient-dense foods scientifically formulated to provide essential nutrients plus fiber . Nutrient Foods is the scientific and manufacturing enterprise behind its sister company, Yevo International, a direct sales company headquartered in Salt Lake City.

Nutrient Foods was founded Peter Castleman and Chip Marsland. Their vision: reversing the 100 years of deteriorating food quality that is a result of the processed food industry’s push toward addictive food products void of essential nourishment.

“Our mission is to improve human health and wellness and ultimately happiness through good nutrition,” said Castleman, Nutrient Food’s and Yevo’s chairman. “Roughly 70 percent of our diets come from processed foods that are generally void of nutrients. People simply aren’t getting enough of the essential nutrients needed to live healthy lives. Proper nutrition is the foundation of human health and wellness. Our goal is to improve the lack of essential nourishment throughout the world by providing readily available and affordable nutrient-dense foods, meals and programs.”

The company’s products include granolas, oatmeals, mac & cheese dishes, ramen noodle bowls, as well as others.

“This is an exciting day for the Reno-Sparks community as we welcome to the region, Nutrient Foods, an advanced scientific nutritional foods research and manufacturing company that will not only add up to 300 jobs to the area but will also locate their corporate headquarters here,” said Mike Kazmierski, CEO of EDAWN. “Nutrient Foods is representative of the growing number of manufacturing companies, especially in the food industry, that are finding the Reno-Sparks region a great fit for their growth.”


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