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College planning business, called Dunce, sets up shop at the Reno Collective


Image: Dunce, LLC.

Just a year after taking its first client, Dunce, LLC, a local independent college planning company, announced it has joined “Startup Row” with a new office inside the Reno Collective, 100 N. Arlington, in downtown Reno.

With an emphasis on college planning that’s “clever,” Dunce challenges students to be thoughtful about their options after high school and empowers them to choose a path based on interest and passion — as opposed to prestige or other social pressures.

Now serving more than 50 clients, the company’s perspective on a stigmatized industry seems to be paying off. Dunce said it works to instill an entrepreneurial mentality in its young clients.

“We are so thrilled to be a part of this vibrant community. Our students are energized when they come into this space and it is a great environment for students to ponder their futures,” said Alex Ellison, Dunce founder. “We hope our students will be infected by the entrepreneurial bug.”

In addition to consulting, Dunce helps students in their senior year as they work to navigate college applications, SAT and ACT tests, essay writing and deadlines as well as offering tutoring, test preparation and learning gap assessment programs.

For more information on Dunce, or to schedule a consultation, visit www.duncecp.com.

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