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October 22, 2014 Reno City Council highlights


In our ongoing commitment to keep citizens and media informed, we’ve summarized the outcomes of a few key Agenda items from today’s Reno City Council Meeting. For in-depth review of all of today’s Agenda items, visit the City of Reno meetings portal.

C.2 & C.3 – Presentations

Mayor Robert A. Cashell Sr. received Congressional recognition from the office of Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid. The official Congressional Record states, “As mayor, Bob Cashell met some of Reno’s most difficult social issues head on.” Cashell was also formally recognized for his recent Nevada League of Cities & Municipalities Public Official of the Year 2014-15 award, which he accepted on September 25, 2014.

D – Proclamations

Outgoing elected officials were recognized as follows:
D.1: Declared October 22, 2014 as a day to honor outgoing Mayor Robert A. Cashell Sr.
D.2: Declared October 22, 2014 as a day to honor outgoing Councilmember Sharon Zadra.
D.3: Declared October 22, 2014 as a day to honor outgoing Councilmember Dwight Dortch.
D.4: Declared October 22, 2014 as a day to honor outgoing Judge Jay Dilworth.
D.5: Declared October 22, 2014 as a day to honor outgoing City Attorney John Kadlic.
D.6: Declared October 22, 2014 as a day to honor outgoing City Clerk Lynnette Jones.
E – Grant Awards

Council unanimously approved the following grant awards:
E.2: $20,000 from the Department of Veterans Affairs to provide fitness classes at the Evelyn Mount Northeast Community Center.
E.3: $26,138 from the Department of Public Safety to the Reno Police Department to acquire equipment and software needed to be compliant with the Adam Walsh Child Protection and Safety Act.
E.5: $329,000 from the Truckee River Fund for construction of stormwater facilities for the protection of the Highland Canal. The canal is the primary source of water supply for Truckee Meadows Water Authority’s (TMWA) Chalk Bluff Water Treatment Plant.
E.7 – Virginia Street Bridge Replacement Project

Council unanimously approved a Temporary Construction Easement from Nevada Division of State Lands for the Virginia Street Bridge Replacement Project. The engineering plans for the new bridge have been prepared, and the City of Reno is prepared to go out to bid for a contractor to construct the bridge, pending federal authorization. A permanent easement will be issued to the City of Reno after completion of the project. View the Staff Report and visit vsbreno.com for more information.

G.1 – Medical Marijuana

Council unanimously approved the adoption of an ordinance to revise sections of the Reno Municipal Code relating to marijuana and paraphernalia possession. One of the amendments prohibits public ingestion or consumption of medical marijuana. Another amendment prohibits loitering outside Medical Marijuana Establishments (MMEs).

The other amendments align existing laws with Nevada Revised Statutes; an exemption is included for private use for individuals who possess a Medical Marijuana (or MMJ) card. Council previously authorized the operation of MMEs within the City of Reno and directed staff to prepare necessary zoning, business license, and other regulatory ordinances.

H.3 – Budget Augmentation

Council unanimously approved to augment the City of Reno budget for Fiscal Year 2015. View the Staff Report for detailed information.

General Fund augmentations include:
The purchase of two new fire engines: $749,980 (this purchase was unanimously approved later in the meeting)
A citywide telephone system update to allow for support (excludes Dispatch): $270,000
Reinstating the City of Reno Master Plan Program: $100,000
Building Permit Fund augmentations cover the funding for six additional building inspectors: $564,218.

H.4 – King’s Inn

Council unanimously approved to reserve HOME Investment Partnership Program Funding for the King’s Inn redevelopment project. The property at Third and West Streets has been vacant since 1986. A development concept that is being explored is to use the property for low-income/affordable housing. Based on the Washoe County HOME Consortium (WCHC) agreement, the City of Reno can apply a share of HOME entitlement funds to a priority project and would recommend the project be a priority to receive tax credits.

H.6 – Lake Mansion (VSA Nevada)

In a 3-to-4 vote, Council denied transfer of ownership of the Lake Mansion property, located at 250 Court Street in Reno, to VSA Nevada, a 501(c)(3) non-profit organization.

J.1 – Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) Program of Projects

Council unanimously approved an Interlocal Cooperative Agreement among the City of Reno, Washoe County, City of Sparks, and Regional Transportation Commission (RTC) approving the RTC Program of Projects for FY15/16.

This agreement was approved on September 19, 2014 by the Regional Transportation Board and is scheduled for consideration by the Sparks City Council on October 27, 2014 and the Washoe County Commission on October 14, 2014.

L.5 – Summit Sierra Shopping Center

In a 6-to-1 vote, Council denied amendments to the agreement between Reno Retail Company, LLC (Summit Sierra) and the City of Reno. The proposed amendments can be viewed here.

The original agreement with Reno Retail Company (RRC) was for the reimbursement to RRC for the investment of $10 million for public infrastructure improvements and Summit Sierra construction costs. In the agreement, the City was not required to make payments to RRC in the event of a decrease in sales tax revenue. Due to the decline in sales tax for the City, no reimbursement has been made since 2008.

M.1 – University Regional Center Plan

Council unanimously approved the University of Nevada Regional Center (UNRC) and Downtown Regional Center Boundaries. This amendment encourages University development south of I-80. The amendment shifts the boundary between the UNRC and the Downtown Reno Regional Center (DRRC) from I-80 between Sierra Street and Lake Street south to 5th Street and between Lake Street and Valley Road south to 4th Street. The modified boundaries were the recommendation of the Planning Commission, which approved the amendment on October 9.

E.1 – National Automobile Museum (Reno City Council & Redevelopment Agency Board)

In a 6-to-1 vote, Council approved transfer of ownership of the property located at 10 South Lake Street to The Harrah Automobile Foundation (National Automobile Museum) in the event that it continues to operate as an educational museum.

A condition of the conveyance is that The Harrah Automobile Foundation will provide a plan and agreement for existing and proposed Truckee River bike/pedestrian path improvements, such as lighting and landscaping. This allows the museum to move forward with plans to expand once funds have been raised to finance the expansion.

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