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PHOTO GALLERY: Tesla press conference


By Vega

CARSON CITY — Governor Sandoval announced yesterday that Nevada has been selected as the official site of the Tesla Gigafactory. The Tesla battery factory will be one of the largest buildings in the world at 5 million square feet, providing 6,500 new jobs including 3,000 immediate construction jobs over the next three years. It is projected to bring in $100 billion over 20 years.

“Is this good for Nevada?” asked Sandoval. He cited the above facts and added that it comes down to “new jobs in Nevada for Nevadans.” Telsa will be prioritizing employment for veterans and Nevada residents. On top of this, Tesla will make a $37.5 million dollar contribution to K-12 education in Nevada and is granting $1 million to fund battery research.

Elon Musk, chairman and CEO of Tesla, spoke after Sandoval, even correcting himself when pronouncing Nevada, much to the delight of the crowd gathered for the announcement. He explained several highlights of the factory, including its diamond shape, its alignment with true north allowing for GPS tracking of equipment and even mentioned its size.

“It’s a heck of a big factory,”quipped Musk. He pointed out one major environmental factor, explaining the factory will “produce all the energy it needs” via geothermal, solar and wind energy sources.

“The Gigafactory is an important step in advancing the cause of sustainable transportation and will enable the mass production of compelling electric vehicles for decades to come,” said Musk in a released statement.



Christopher Vega
Christopher Vega
Christopher Vega, born in Madison, Tenn., is married, father of three boys and a late bloomer to education. He has 15 years of experience working with disadvantaged youth and is completing two degrees in Journalism and Art.




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