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New chaplain at Bishop Manogue Catholic High School


Father Richard Kayizzi, a native of Uganda who was recently with Diocese of Los Angeles, is the new chaplain of Bishop Manogue Catholic High School. Father Richard did his seminary training in both Uganda and at St. John’s seminary in Camarillo, Calif.

He returned to Uganda to be ordained in his home diocese of Kampala, and then worked in a variety of positions—associate parish priest, assistant pastoral coordinator, vocations director and school chaplain—before attending Boston College where he earned a Master’s of Theology and Ministry with a concentration in pastoral care and counseling.
Father Richard says that he is happy to be returning to the role of chaplain.

“Working as a school chaplain was a wonderful ministry for me because I was able to share my life and faith in a school environment. I got to meet the students, teachers and non-teaching staff, to hear their stories, and to be with them in good moments and painful moments of their lives.”

Father Richard, who admits that as a boy he hoped to one day be a rapper, hasn’t found it difficult to connect with Manogue’s students. “They are ready to learn and have a lot of potential for growth. They are ready to help one another, create a loving relationship with each other and are open towards learning new things in class and outside of class.”

His job, he says, is to ensure that Manogue’s Catholic culture is present throughout the school’s activities, and that everyone—students, families, faculty and staff—feels welcome. “I want to bring God’s love and care to all people at this community, and make sure that the Catholic Identify and values are emphasized. I plan to create a welcoming environment, and invite a full, conscious and active participation in all our liturgical celebrations.”

Tyler, Cobb, Director of Campus Ministry at Bishop Manogue say Fr. Richard’s efforts are already enhancing not only his department, but all school activities. “Fr. Richard adds a burst of enthusiasm to our campus. He has made himself available to the students in classrooms, the lunchroom, and on the sport fields. He has prayed with or said Mass for the soccer teams, football teams, and volleyball team, and will be presenting lessons on the Mass to the theology classes. We are happy to have him as our chaplain.”

And while Father Richard is undoubtedly kept very busy by the 700-plus new family members he’s inherited at Bishop Manogue, he’s found some aspects of his life have become a little less complicated. “Nevada is a wonderful place to be. The people are welcoming and the traffic is not so intense like in Los Angeles. Every day is a happy day for me to look forward too and be grateful to the almighty God for his love and care for his people.”

SOURCE: Bishop Manogue.

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