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Final safety statistics for Street Vibrations Fall Rally

By Miriam Hodgman
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City of Reno LogoThis past week, thousands of people enjoyed motorcycles and downtown Reno for various events associated with the Street Vibrations Fall Rally, held September 24-28, 2014.

“The City of Reno is proud to be a part of an event that brings so many visitors to downtown,” City of Reno Special Events Program Manager Alexis Hill stated.

“We also commend event promoter Roadshows, Inc. and Randy Burke on the 20th anniversary of Street Vibrations,” Hill continued.

The City of Reno’s final statistics for Street Vibrations have been compiled and are as follows.

Community Safety & Service Team (CSAST) statistics:

Twenty-three (23) City of Reno bars and clubs were visited. Only one citation was issued. Another business was put on notice for over capacity, and controls were implemented immediately.

City staff also addressed exiting, illegal signs, hours of operation, and proper licensing and will conduct compliance follow-up on the businesses visited. These operations occurred Saturday night through Sunday morning from 9 p.m. to 2 a.m.

Reno Police Department statistics:
Total Arrests: 12
Felony Arrests: 1 (warrant)
Misdemeanor Arrests: 11
Misdemeanor Citations: 1
Civil Protective Custody: 6
Littering Citations: 0

Last year’s 2013 Reno Police Department statistics, shown below, were in line with this year’s results.

Felony Arrests: 1
Misdemeanor Arrests: 13
Civil Protective Custody: 12

In conjunction with its other event operations, the Reno Police Department Traffic Division conducted a three-day traffic enforcement campaign focusing on pedestrian safety outside the venue perimeter.

Officers issued citations for 301 violations. Most of the violations were for Insurance Required, Jaywalking, and Speed. This operation was funded by the Nevada Office of Traffic Safety.

“We consider the event to be very successful from a public safety standpoint,” Lt. Scott Dugan, City of Reno Police Department Traffic Division and Special Events, said.

“We attribute this success to our ongoing collaboration with casino management, the event promoter, our regional law enforcement partners, and City of Reno special event planning staff,” Dugan concluded.

On April 16, 2014, Reno City Council approved an $18,000 in-kind sponsorship for Street Vibrations, which covers the costs associated with public safety, traffic control, and city personnel.

This was the fifth year that the City has partnered with Street Vibrations and the downtown casino properties to facilitate a beer garden concept for the entire footprint of the downtown venue.

The City of Reno strives to enhance the quality of life for the community by promoting a sustainable and vibrant economy. Supporting regional and local special events, and helping them grow, is just one example. To view a calendar of local special events, visit Reno.gov/Events.

CSAST was created to ensure departments within the City work collectively with business and property owners. The team consists of representatives from the Reno Police Department, Code Enforcement, Business License, and Reno Fire Department, and involve other agencies when necessary.

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