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Glitter Gulch exhibit by Kelci McIntosh debuts at Holland Project

By ThisIsReno

GlitterGulchGlitter Gulch, the photo series first appearing on Vice.com, is showing at the Holland Project starting August 12. The exhibit runs along with a music-based installation, Soundies.

Soundies is based on a quintessential and universally recognized summer vibe–being young, out of school, bored, hot, and passing the time by zoning out in front of the TV.

The exhibit features a living room-style installation facing a large projection that will run eight music videos and a series of animated shorts on a continuous loop for the course of the 10-day exhibit.

It’s a nostalgic homage to late 80s/90s MTV — an era in which the network help shape and define many cultural and musical tastes, memories, and teenage lives — as well as both a celebration and showcase of the music video as art.

Soundies includes:

Elephant Rifle – by Jeff Rogers
Spitting Image – by Omar Pierce
Alcest – by Tosha Palani
Inhibitor – by Kelci McIntosh / James Rogers
PWRHAUS – by Sean Pecknold
Cathedral Ghost – by Kyle Akins
Surf Curse – by Tea Haze
Memory Motel – by Reno Sessions
+ animation interludes by Josh Freydkis

Glitter Gulch is an exhibition of photography from Kelci McIntosh. McIntosh celebrates a specific side of our fair city–often shot in casinos, on the street, local hole-in-the-walls and at various events – and features them warmly in all their underground glitz and glory. This is also McInstosh’s farewell, as she moves to New Orleans post-exhibit.

Both exhibits run from August 12-22, with an opening reception on Thursday, August 14, 2014 from 6 pm – 8 pm.

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