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Glitter Gulch exhibit by Kelci McIntosh debuts at Holland Project


glittergulch-323x500-7277879-3901274Glitter Gulch, the photo series first appearing on Vice.com, is showing at the Holland Project starting August 12. The exhibit runs along with a music-based installation, Soundies.

Soundies is based on a quintessential and universally recognized summer vibe–being young, out of school, bored, hot, and passing the time by zoning out in front of the TV.

The exhibit features a living room-style installation facing a large projection that will run eight music videos and a series of animated shorts on a continuous loop for the course of the 10-day exhibit.

It’s a nostalgic homage to late 80s/90s MTV — an era in which the network help shape and define many cultural and musical tastes, memories, and teenage lives — as well as both a celebration and showcase of the music video as art.

Soundies includes:

Elephant Rifle – by Jeff Rogers
Spitting Image – by Omar Pierce
Alcest – by Tosha Palani
Inhibitor – by Kelci McIntosh / James Rogers
PWRHAUS – by Sean Pecknold
Cathedral Ghost – by Kyle Akins
Surf Curse – by Tea Haze
Memory Motel – by Reno Sessions
+ animation interludes by Josh Freydkis

Glitter Gulch is an exhibition of photography from Kelci McIntosh. McIntosh celebrates a specific side of our fair city–often shot in casinos, on the street, local hole-in-the-walls and at various events – and features them warmly in all their underground glitz and glory. This is also McInstosh’s farewell, as she moves to New Orleans post-exhibit.

Both exhibits run from August 12-22, with an opening reception on Thursday, August 14, 2014 from 6 pm – 8 pm.

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