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At what age do we really find ourselves?


It is a widespread belief that young people find themselves in college. It is also widely believed that young adults find themselves between the ages of 18 and 22, the REAL best years of anyone’s life, but is that really the case? Is there an actual age where we find ourselves?

Contrary to popular belief most young adults don’t have everything at a certain age, or by the time that they are out of college. College serves as a time in life where people are figuring out what they are going to do with their life, but college is a difficult time in life where students will often change their minds. Some people leave college only to come back years later because they did not have the proper mindset for it in their earlier years.

There is also the group of undergraduate students who come in to college knowing exactly what they want to do only to change it multiple times throughout their college career. Nothing is set in stone. Think of all the party people who have gotten more serious over the years. We find ourselves at our own pace and at the right time.

“I’m more lost than I was before I got here,” is a common quote among college students around the globe, but finding one’s self after college is not simple just because an expensive piece of paper is earned after thousands of dollars have spent. Finding one’s purpose on this planet comes with time. Sometimes it takes a difficult moment in life to show us what we are really capable of. Difficult moments present themselves in different forms depending on the person.

For one man living from paycheck to paycheck to four days before the paycheck may motivate him to find a better job, and that may be the moment where he found himself. A woman may have a different situation that she finds difficult, such as working in a job that she hates but she is paid a lot.

When the time is right we all find what we were meant to do when we are meant to do it. Everything – just like college- takes time and a bit of effort.

Kendra Fleming
Kendra Fleming
My name is Kendra Fleming. I am 20 years old and currently a junior at University of Nevada, Reno with a major in English Literature and a minor in Cultural Anthropology. I love volleyball, soccer, hanging out with friends and warm weather. Born in California and raised in Las Vegas, I have always wanted to have a career that’s involved in the area of English, but I was never sure what until my sophomore year in college. I am an English literature major with the hopes of becoming an editor after college, but for now I am working on my writing. To be a great editor, I need to be a good writer as well. I can only get better with more practice outside of my scholarly studies.