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Violations continue at American Flat Mill Site


blm_logo-150x150-9194133-6188854In light of recent trespasses, vandalism incidents, and  fire caused from fireworks at the site, the Bureau of Land Management (BLM), reminds the public of the closure which has been in effect since January 1997, at the American Flat Mill site located in Storey County, Nevada. This closure was implemented to provide for public safety.


The closure generally states:

  • The general public may occupy the restricted lands during daylight hours only (sunrise to sunset); within the area, approximately 10 acres are closed to all human entry which includes existing unstable concrete structures and remains.
  • Motorized vehicles must remain on existing, well established dirt access roads.
  • Roads within the restricted area are open to motorized use unless posted Closed.


Prohibited activities include:

  • Use of a weapon or firearm for any purpose other than the taking of game in accordance with State of Nevada hunting regulations: camping; campfire; use of fireworks; detonation of explosive devices or rockets; painting of graffiti and possession of paint or spray paint cans; use of a motorized vehicle on a road posted closed to such use.


Any person failing to comply with the closure order or activity restrictions may be subject to imprisonment for not more than 12 months, or fine. BLM and Storey County officers regularly patrol the area to gain compliance with the closure and ensure safety of the visiting public.


The United Comstock Merger Mill site is located on public lands near Gold Hill, Nevada. The mill was built in 1922 to process local gold and silver ore utilizing cyanide vat leaching in what was then described as the largest concrete mill in the United States. Since abandonment in 1926, this seven-acre mill site has been used as a place to hold parties, post graffiti, and conduct paintball wars despite physical safety hazards from falling concrete, underground mill sumps filled with water, and holes in the concrete flooring.


A 2008 audit of the site by the Department of Interior, Office of the Inspector General, found the mill site to be a high risk-liability to the U.S. Government.


For more information call 775-885-6117.

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