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Twenty-five solar-powered trash compactors added to downtown


City of Reno solar-powered trash compactorTo help with the City of Reno’s efforts to keep the downtown corridor clean and green, Waste Management of Nevada recently provided 25 solar-powered trash compactors to the City. The compactors have improved the cleanliness and appearance of the downtown and Truckee River area by eliminating the issues associated with litter caused by open trash containers. In addition, the solar compactors have reduced the number of trash pickups, which reduces collection costs, fuel use and greenhouse gas emissions.

“The City of Reno strives to be a leader in sustainability by implementing ‘green’ initiatives,” said Jason Geddes, environmental services administrator for the City. “The installation of the solar compactors is more evidence of that continued commitment. It’s also another way we’re supporting one of Reno City Council’s top priorities to provide safe and livable neighborhoods.”

Waste Management solar-powered trash compactors are completely self-powered, using built-in solar panels to compact trash. They work in every kind of weather – snow, rain or shine. The compactors are about the same size as a 35-gallon trash barrel, but each compactor provides five times the capacity of a traditional trash receptacle.

When the unit reaches capacity, sensors trigger an internal compactor that flattens the contents, converting 180 gallons of waste into easy-to-collect bags. Once the compactor is at capacity, a wireless system then signals that the unit is ready to be serviced.

“We know busy intersections, public parks, city streets and other public spaces can be magnets for trash,” said Sarah Polito, Waste Management of Nevada spokesperson. “Ordinary trash barrels can easily overflow and become eyesores. The Waste Management solar-powered trash compactors ensure a greener, cleaner environment in the City of Reno. We are proud to provide these innovative trash collection containers to the City.”

The solar-powered compactors have provided the City valuable space to communicate important public information, including special events and community engagement campaigns, with the built-in advertising panels on the sides of each solar-powered compactor.

The exterior body of the solar-powered compactor is made from recycled U.S. steel and plastics and the compactors are manufactured in the U.S.

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