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Judge Upholds Decision to Dismiss James Brown Lawsuit Against Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital


DHHS NEWS, LAS VEGAS – U.S. District Judge James Mahan issued an Order Friday confirming his ruling to dismiss the class action lawsuit filed against Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital by James Brown.

Brown’s lawsuit sought relief for alleged violations of his constitutional rights and federal law. The Court dismissed the entire suit and reaffirmed its decision after Brown filed a Motion for Reconsideration.

“I am pleased that Judge Mahan has reaffirmed his decision,” said Richard Whitley, Division of Public and Behavioral Health Administrator. “The Court again found that Rawson-Neal Hospital did not violate plaintiff’s constitutional rights or provisions of federal law and affirms that Mr. Brown’s lawsuit is without merit.”

Governor Brian Sandoval recently directed the Department of Health and Human Services, and the Interim Finance Committee unanimously approved June 19, 2014, an additional $3.5 million to fund mental health programs in Northern and Southern Nevada to continue to strengthen services provided to those in need. These programs include a Mobile Outreach Safety Team (MOST), additional mental health court funding for housing, increased bed capacity at the community triage center, and more crisis teams to help prevent the hospitalization of children.

This funding is in addition to the nearly $17 million added during the 2013 legislative session for new home visiting programs, an assisted outpatient treatment program, 10 new beds for the Lake’s Crossing Forensic Hospital, 21 new beds for the SNAMHS campus, and housing support for re-entry to the community from correctional facilities. Funding was also added to support several recommendations from nationally recognized consultants after their review of Rawson-Neal Psychiatric Hospital.

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