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“Global Music and Dance” series showcases Indo-American fusion


5904dc93b3ca8aec85d4d34dba1674ac-227x300-9669138-6960960The Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony (TACH), a nonprofit organization, presents “Global Music and Dance” on July 12, 25, 26 and 27. This four-day series showcases “Indo-American” music and dance, a fusion of traditional Indian music, jazz, and instruments ranging from the saxophone, flute, harp, the kachappi veena (classical Indian “guitar”) and more.

Visiting talent performing during the series includes: Adam Levy (Los Angeles), whose playing has been featured on recordings by major label artist such as Norah Jones (her first three albums), Tracey Chapman (New Beginning) and Amos Lee (Amos Lee); Sushmita Srikanth (India), who has worked with Panchadasa Natya Samaroh; and, Jimmy Robinson (New Orleans), who has appeared in concert with Bella Feck, Jeff Beck, John Fahey, Steven Stills, John McLaughlin and the Mahavishnu Orchestra. According to The Huffington Post, “Robinson is nothing short of brilliant.”.

Local talent performing includes: Dallas Smith, who easily moves between the melodic flute to the sensual richness of the saxophone and clarinet; Susan Mazer, an artist who has set a new standard for excellence and artistry as a harpist in the contemporary instrumental jazz and pop-music genres, and who has also ventured into technological realm of amplification; and, Chakrapani Singh, a rare instrumentalist with an unique repertoire ranging from traditional, classical compositions on the slide guitar to his innovative renditions on the kachappi veena.

TACH (Traditional Association for Cultural Harmony) fosters global artist management, cultural exchange programs, music education, fusion music collaboration and development, seminars, and organize music competitions. TACH promotes all aspects of Indian-Western music.

TACH provides a cultural exchange program and promotes cross-cultural fusion music collaborations, which contributes to developing harmony and understanding between eastern and western cultures. It also recognizes artists from the USA and beyond with “Awards of Excellence,” for demonstrating extraordinary skill in the field of music. To find more about TACH,  visit  www.tach.info.

Miriam Hodgman
Miriam Hodgman
Miriam Hodgman is originally from San Francisco. She previously was the communications coordinator for the largest hunger-relief organization in Sonoma County, California. She has a bachelor’s degree in American history, with a minor in American Indian studies, from San Francisco State University, and has a master’s degree in public administration from Sonoma State University. She enjoys training a variety of martial arts.