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VIDEO: Cans of Icky IPA available in stores


By Michael Higdon

Icky IPA first day canning from Michael Higdon on Vimeo.

Great Basin’s cans of Icky are the only canned beer made in Nevada

The old Buckbean canning machine whirred to life after years of silence, sputtering Icky beer all over its operators, tossing Icky cans on the floor and filling fresh beer cans with Great Basin Brewing Co.’s Icky IPA. Icky fans gathered around the machine shooting pictures and video with beers in one hand and smart phones in the other. Some folks even asked Great Basin owner, Tom Young, to autograph their Icky cans and Icky 12-packs.

Tom doesn’t know what level of demand they will see for canned Icky but with camping, beach trips and BBQs on most people’s minds for the summer, he’s pretty sure people want cans to make the season more relaxing.

The ability to take cans anywhere far outweigh any concerns about the old cans vs. bottles are fresher argument. All cans are lined with plastic so beer never touches aluminum and most people keep their bottles and cans in a dark refrigerator so light damage poses little threat to both. Leaving a beer out in the light will ruin both cans and bottles with heat although cans hold a slight advantage in this scenario.

The only problem Tom foresees is producing enough beer for thirsty Nevadans. With Great Basin pushing south to Las Vegas and west into California, the brewery must continue expanding to feed thirsty craft beer lovers.

Icky facts

  • A 12-pack of cans costs less than a 6-pack of bottles due to the less expensive materials and equipment.
  • Icky cans will be available at
    • Raleys
    • Trader Joes
    • Costco
    • Scolaris
    • Whole Foods
    • Total Wine
    • Ben’s Liquor

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