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Flood plan moves forward


Flooding in Hidden Valley Jan. 3, 1997

An act authorizing the Truckee Meadows flood control project was passed by the Senate yesterday and is on its way to President Obama’s desk for his signature. The $280.82 million project is part of the Water Resources Reform and Development Act, which passed the House of Representatives earlier this week.

The WRRDA requires the Army Corps of Engineers to build the 100-year protection plan developed by the local community for the Truckee Meadows as long as it does not increase federal costs. The bill does not provide funding.

“Water is a precious resource in Nevada and I remain committed to investing in its critical infrastructure to improve its safety, environment and quality of life throughout the state,” Senator Harry Reid said.

Senator Dean Heller, who also voted for the WRRDA, said, ““Finally, after over a decade of work, Congress was able to come together and craft a water bill that is not only fiscally responsible but also helps to jumpstart important projects in Nevada and across the country. I am pleased that the bill included the Truckee Meadows Flood Risk Management Project so that the Reno/Sparks region can continue to compete at a time when economic development is desperately needed.”

A Heller news release noted that the legislation is fully offset by de-authorizing old and stalled projects and that it includes reforms such as setting hard deadlines on the time and costs of studies and eliminating duplicative analyses.


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