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Urban Roots introduces children to gardening at Spring Farm Camp


1964995_10152071310073860_394076118_n-300x225-4252117-2079185URBAN ROOTS NEWS RELEASE – Urban Roots is holding its first session of Spring Farm Camp to compliment Washoe County School District’s balanced schedule for this week and next. Thirty students from ages 5 to 10 will spend Monday through Friday learning about “Bugs, Bees and Butterflies” with hands-on activities from 9:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. The week-long session of Farm Camp focuses on using the garden as a classroom to learn about spring plants and animals. Each day, students work together to create a healthy snack in order to think critically about where their food comes from. Materials used to make granola, yogurt, farm fresh eggs, and “veggie bugs” were provided by Whole Foods.

Students are encouraged to learn through play and reflect during journaling time when students write their favorite parts of the day, including feeding the bunny during morning farm chores, petting the chickens, building animal shelters, and tasting fresh mint from the garden.

Session two will begin next week and will focus on “Spring Showers and Flowers.” Seats are still available for families interested in having their children gain a more connected relationship with the food they eat.

For details or to register, visit urgc.org, call 775-636-5105, or email [email protected].

Urban Roots is founded on the idea that food is a powerful tool for academic and sustainable agriculture instruction. In order to realize our mission of growing healthy minds, bodies and communities, we provide school and farm-based opportunities for teachers, students, families, and future farmers.  Urban Roots is a part of a larger movement in Northern Nevada to make the place we live abundant with healthy food, rich soil, and deep relationships with each other and the land.

Miriam Hodgman
Miriam Hodgman
Miriam Hodgman is originally from San Francisco. She previously was the communications coordinator for the largest hunger-relief organization in Sonoma County, California. She has a bachelor’s degree in American history, with a minor in American Indian studies, from San Francisco State University, and has a master’s degree in public administration from Sonoma State University. She enjoys training a variety of martial arts.