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Nevada Conservation League releases 2014 early endorsements



conservation_league-7196363-7281626LAS VEGAS The Nevada Conservation League released its early endorsements in the 2014 election today.  The organization endorses pro-conservation candidates in state legislative races.  The early endorsements are reserved for incumbent lawmakers with a strong pro-conservation voting record.

“These elected officials have demonstrated a strong regard for conservation issues in their work in the Nevada Legislature,” said April Mastroluca, Nevada Conservation League executive director. “The Nevada Conservation League’s board of directors and staff are proud to stand behind the re-election of these public officials.”

“The 2013 legislative session was one of the best sessions for conservation issues in the history of our state, and that fact is reflected in the large, bipartisan list of legislators receiving our endorsement in 2014,” said Robert Buntjer, chairman of the Nevada Conservation League Board of Directors.

The early endorsements for the 2014 election are as follows:

Governor – Brian Sandoval

Senate District 2 – Moises Denis

Senate District 9 – Justin Jones

Senate District 10 – Ruben Kihuen

Senate District 12 – Joe Hardy

Senate District 13 – Debbie Smith

Senate District 17 – James Settelmeyer

Senate District 21 – Mark Manendo

Assembly District 1 – Marilyn Kirkpatrick

Assembly District 6 – Harvey Munford

Assembly District 7 – Dina Neal

Assembly District 8 – Jason Frierson

Assembly District 11 – Olivia Diaz

Assembly District 12 – James Ohrenschall

Assembly District 13 – Paul Anderson

Assembly District 14 – Maggie Carlton

Assembly District 15 – Elliott Anderson

Assembly District 16 – Heidi Swank

Assembly District 17 – Tyrone Thompson

Assembly District 18 – Richard Carrillo

Assembly District 20 – Ellen Spiegel

Assembly District 21 – Andy Eisen

Assembly District 24 – David Bobzien

Assembly District 25 – Pat Hickey

Assembly District 26 – Randy Kirner

Assembly District 27 – Teresa Benitez-Thompson

Assembly District 29 – Lesley Cohen

Assembly District 30 – Mike Sprinkle

Assembly District 31 – Skip Daly

Assembly District 35 – James Healey

Assembly District 36 – James Oscarson

Assembly District 41 – Paul Aizley

Assembly District 42 – Irene Bustamante Adams

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