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New play “The Memory Card” – a child’s adventure in real and digital worlds

By Miriam Hodgman

333736-250GOOD LUCK MACBETH THEATRE NEWS RELEASE – Good Luck Macbeth Theatre Company has teamed up with The Reno Video Game Symphony to create a unique play, “The Memory Card,” happening in both the real world and a world that creates video games, all set to original music.

Now running March 21 through April this kid-friendly show follows a young girl’s adventure from her harsh real life, where her friends are few, her family absent, and late onset epilepsy affect everything in her life, to Paramesia, the digital universe where her decisions could mean life or death to the game world and hers.

The play takes its title from the way we store our digital lives and pass them on from computer to computer, console to console, and as the generations go by, person to person. It asks the question, “Are we losing human connections in favor of digital ones? Or can video games create new kinds of memories fostering human relationships in different ways?

The show stars Paige Nelson, Brian Schiedel, Emilie Mardock, C.G. Franklin, Derek Miller, Logan Strand, and Amanda Alvey. Chad Sweet, Producing Artistic Director of Good Luck Macbeth, directs, co-writes, and designs the show with lighting expertise provided by Kent Vizina from Vizmo Productions. Kevin Fredericks and Clark Harrell from the Reno Video Game Symphony are also co-writers with Mr. Fredericks also designing the sound.

All tickets, except “Pay What You Can” and “Happy Hour Theatre Club,” are $13 pre-sale or at the door, and can be found online at www.goodluckmacbeth.org, by phone at 775-322-3716, or at The Never Ender, 119 Thoma Street, in Midtown.

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