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Today last day to change Medicare coverage



Medicare beneficiaries have some important healthcare decisions to make. Today is the last day they can enroll in or make changes to their Medicare coverage, including Medicare Advantage.

Medicare beneficiaries are not typically eligible for the much talked about health care exchanges,which is causing some confusion. For those wishing to control their out-of-pocket spending with a Medicare Advantage Plan such as Senior Care Plus, the annual enrollment deadline is today.

Senior Care Plus is a Medicare Advantage plan offered by Hometown Health. In order to help make sure seniors do not miss this important enrollment period, Senior Care Plus will be open today to 5 p.m. to meet with seniors and answer any questions.

“There has been a lot of confusion around the Affordable Care Act and health insurance this year. We want to make sure that seniors understand the programs available to them,” Matthew Ladich, director of government programs for Hometown Health and Senior Care Plus, said. “With this deadline quickly approaching we want to make sure that we are addressing questions and concerns regarding Medicare and Medicare Advantage programs.”

With confusion surrounding the ACA, Senior Care Plus has received many questions regarding Medicare Advantage Programs.  To be clear, Medicare Advantage programs are not going away due to ACA. Medicare isn’t part of the new health insurance exchanges offered through healthcare.gov or Nevada’s Health Link. In fact, Medicare beneficiaries aren’t typically eligible for the much talked about healthcare exchanges. If seniors have questions, they are encouraged to call 982-3000 or stop by in person today.

Senior Care Plus offers medical, prescription-drug (also known as Part D), vision, hearing, fitness and dental benefits – all in a selection of plans. Senior Care Plus coordinates Medicare benefits and additional coverage for beneficiaries residing in Carson City, Churchill, Douglas, Lyon, Storey and Washoe counties.

About Hometown Health

Established in 1988, Hometown Health is northern Nevada’s largest and only locally-owned, not-for-profit health insurance company. Providing wide-ranging medical coverage and great service to members, Hometown Health represents a philosophy of health care that emphasizes active partnerships between members and physicians. Hometown Health values prevention as a key component of comprehensive care – reducing the risks of illness and helping to treat small problems before they can become more severe. Hometown Health offers a number of insurance products including HMO, PPO, HSA, dental, vision, individual and family, and Senior Care Plus, northern Nevada’s first Medicare Advantage Plan. For more information, call 775-982-3000 or visit www.hometownhealth.com.

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