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Thieves targeting gasoline from parked vehicles



1300123_fff2-7626925-5588739The Reno Police Department has seen a marked increase in the theft of gasoline from parked vehicles, with 15 reported crimes over the past 10 weeks. Thieves have targeted vehicles parked in business parking lots as well as vehicles in private residential parking lots and a small number of vehicles parked on city streets. The thefts are occurring during the hours of darkness.

Many of the gasoline thefts are due to the use of siphons, but a troubling situation occurs when either gas lines are cut or the gas tank itself is punctured or drilled. Besides the added costs of repair, the cutting of gas lines or the puncturing of the gas tank may create both an environmental hazard and a safety hazard due to spilled gasoline. If someone discovers that they have been a victim of a theft of gasoline they should immediately check underneath their vehicle before trying to start or move the vehicle.

Prevention strategies include parking in secure and/or well lit areas when possible or the use of motion lights where practical. One of the best ways to combat crime, including gasoline thefts, is vigilance and awareness. If someone sees something or someone suspicious then they should contact local law enforcement and report the circumstances.

Anyone with information is asked to call Secret Witness or the Reno Police Department.

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