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RPD provides details about medical office shooting, shooter



1300123_fff2-2744687-8530631Summary of Lieutenant William Rulla’s talking points at 3 p.m. news conference:

* I want to take a moment to extend my thanks and appreciation to all the witnesses and victims who came forward to help us with this investigation and those who have been traumatized by the actions of this shooting suspect. I would ask that you please keep them all in your mind and in your prayers, especially during the holiday season.

* As has been reported, I am able to now confirm the identity of the shooting suspect as Alan Oliver Frazier. He is a white male adult, born on May 8, 1962. We have not located any known criminal history on him, either in California or Nevada. His last known employment was with the Mt. Lassen Power Company as a power plant control room operator. The only possible family members that we are aware of live in California and Arizona.

* I am also able to confirm that during the course of this investigation, the suspect’s pickup truck was located at the scene. We had towed this vehicle to our station, where we are in the process of serving a search warrant.

* As has been reported, detectives from our department, working with the Plumas County Sheriff’s Department and District Attorney’s Office, served a search warrant at a residence in Westwood, Calif., owned by the suspect. Inside, we located a typed letter indicating the suspect’s intention to commit this horrific act. We also located other firearms within the residence as well as notes indicating that the suspect’s actions during this incident were to be his final actions.

* Through primarily witness and victim interviews, we believe the following occurred during the suspect’s actions at Urology Nevada’s office:

· The suspect entered through the main office doors and encountered office staff at the front desk and patients in the lobby.

· The suspect made statements that he was looking for physicians and not patrons of the office.

· The suspect walked into the interior of the office, toward the examination rooms, where he encountered our first victim, Dr. Christine Lajeunesse. He then shot her point blank in the arm and torso, and she immediately fell to the floor.

· As he continued down the hallway, he encountered Dr. Gholdoian. He shot at the doctor, missing him, but striking our second victim, Shantae Spears, in the torso.

· The suspect’s third shot was at Dr. Gholdoian in the hallway, striking him in the torso.

· The suspect then walked into the office area where he attempted to break into a locked room. There is indication that his fourth shot was through a smoked glass door, possibly in an attempt to gain access.

· He then returned to the main lobby area where the fifth and final shot was the self-inflicted gunshot wound to his head.

· Located with the suspect was the primary firearm, which was a pistol grip 12-gauge shotgun, a two-shot derringer pistol and a fully loaded 40-caliber handgun. There is no indication that either handgun was fired.

* Officers who had immediately entered the scene within 2 minutes of the initial call provided Dr. Lajeunesse and Ms. Spears life-saving care on scene and immediately transported them to Renown emergency where they received trauma care.

* We may never know the suspect’s exact motive or reason for his actions, but there is indication that his focus was on the physicians at this specific office. He had had surgery in 2010 and claimed he was having adverse symptoms due to the surgery. We are currently in the process of securing the suspect’s full medical records to determine the nature of his surgery and his claims. We are also attempting to establish a timeline of the suspect’s actions the day of and hours prior to his shooting spree at the medical office.

* What we learn from such an event, as well as indicators that led someone like this to commit such an act, help prevent another tragedy.

* This will continue to be a long and lengthy process that may take weeks to put together. I would appreciate your continued patience with us and your on-going respect for the families and witnesses involved in this tragic event.

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