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Bob Lucey statement on Hidden Valley fire response

By ThisIsReno


LuceyBob Lucey issued the following statement Wednesday regarding the response times to the Hidden Valley house fire and the need for a mutual aid agreement between the local governments:

“Like all divorces, the ones who are most affected aren’t the parents but the kids, and the same thing is happening as a result of the fire divorce. Our citizens, our taxpayers, are the ones being penalized because our local governments couldn’t come to an agreement on mutual aid.

“Public safety has to come first, and we need to make sure that we’re employing best practices to save lives and property. It’s time for all of our local governments to come back to the table and discuss the tough issues, the ones they were elected to solve, and negotiate a mutual aid agreement that will provide fire protection for all of the residents of Washoe County, regardless of where they live. Washoe citizens deserve elected officials that will work together to solve difficult issues.”

Lucey is a candidate for Washoe County Commission District 2. Visit www.BobLucey.com for more information.

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