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“Roadmap to Supplements” Repeat Webinar to be Held Nov. 26


larrynewman-8374277-9267294Larry Newman, Kirkman’s vice president and chief operating officer, technical and regulatory affairs, will be repeating his popular webinar entitled “Roadmap to Supplements” Tuesday Nov. 26, to help people learn more about nutritional supplementation. The webinar will appear on TACA’s (Talk About Curing Autism) webpage, http://www.tacanow.org/webinars/ at 10 a.m. PST.


The webinar focuses on supplying listeners with detailed information about nutritional supplementation, including protocols, popular products, common side effects and more. The roadmap, based on Kirkman’s own, serves as a great resource for learning about supplements and deciding which products can be beneficial on the road to a healthy life. The information may be of particular interest to parents of children with special needs and sensitivities because it looks at many issues experienced by these individuals as well as creates protocols for common health complications that may ail them.


There will be multiple ways for people to be part of the conversation. Participants will be able to watch the webinar and ask direct questions to Newman though an interactive Q & A session following the presentation. Kirkman® will also be live tweeting during the event for those who want more information about the webinar, the company or anything related to supplementation. You can find Kirkman® on twitter here.


To register for the webinar click here. After you register, you may want to check out our Roadmap to Nutritional Supplementation (also available in our Beginner’s Guide) for further information.

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