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Purple Heart recipient Sgt. Trey Humphrey speaks at University’s military ball


block_n-2282503-5058914The University of Nevada, Reno’s Army ROTC Program hosts the annual ROTC, Military and Alumni Ball to celebrate and observe military tradition, hear from distinguished speaker Marine Sgt. Thomas “Trey” Humphrey and receive a ceremonial coin from U.S. Rep. Mark Amodei. The ball will take place at 5 p.m., Friday, Nov. 22, at the Eldorado Hotel and Casino in downtown Reno.

“The Military Ball is an opportunity to present the traditions of the past and make it relevant to the leaders of the future,” Lt. Colonel Michael Minaudo, department chair of the University’s Military Science Department, said. Minaudo leads the ROTC Programs at both the University and University of Nevada, Las Vegas.
The ROTC, Military and Alumni Ball is an annual event with roots tracing back to ancient Romans, Arthurian knights and George Washington’s Continental Army, who dined in celebration of  a victory. Today, the ball is a festivity to promote cohesion, advancement and success for the U.S. military, its veterans, current service members and future officers.
Prior to entrance into the ball, Minaudo and distinguished guests, Humphrey and Amodei, will form a receiving line at the doors and greet all ROTC cadets and guests as they enter.
The event will be initiated by the presentation of the colors and a moment of remembrance for prisoners of war and soldiers missing in action. A table will be set in the middle of the dining area and its chairs propped up to symbolize those who are unable to join the festivities due to their sacrifice. Cadets will pay honor to the missing by placing Army service caps at each chair.
During the program, cadets will have the opportunity to discuss leadership and military fundamentals with fellow Nevada military personnel, veterans and alumni of the program. Attendees will hear from the evening’s distinguished speaker, Sgt. Thomas Humphrey, a Reno resident and Marine Corps veteran. He will discuss leadership and how newly commissioned officers can leave an impact with their actions and deeds.
Humphrey’s military service, which included two tours in Iraq and one in Afghanistan, garnered several military awards, including the Purple Heart. During his service in Afghanistan, Humphrey was very seriously injured in combat action. Humphrey has been through an extensive recovery. Committed to physical fitness, Humphrey has participated as a member of the U.S. Military Paralympic Development program in Aspen, Colo. As a show of gratitude for his service and sacrifice, the Reno chapter of Defenders of Freedom recently built a home for Humphrey and his family.
Distinguished guest Congressman Amodei will follow a military tradition by presenting a distinctive coin with the insignia of the Congressman’s office to Minaudo to recognize the achievements of the entire ROTC Program. Amodei graduated from the University’s ROTC Program in 1981 and served as a JAG officer in the Army.
“The coin will be given for excellence and to symbolize the department’s dedication for continued outstanding performance to preparing students to be officers on active duty and in the Nevada National Guard,” Minaudo said.
Cost of attendance for the ball is $15 per ROTC cadet and $35 per guest. Dress code is formal attire for civilians or Army Service Uniform for military personnel. For more information, contact Cadet Mary Ann Ong at 775-461-9036.
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